Arnekjendt, Danish minimalism

According to himself, the Danish founder of Anerkjendt, Per Johansen, designs relaxed and fashionable clothing for every day. Fashion brand Anerkjendt, founded in 2011, gets its inspiration from the streetwear scene. This unique choice of style is reflected in the Anerkjendt sweaters and, not at least, in the T-shirts. Trendy clothing, not too flashy but remarkable by its minimalism.

Arnekjendt collection

The Anerkjendt men’s fashion collection is a way to find balance between being fashionable and being stylish. Your look will be on trend, due to the use of minimalistic colors and fashionable designs. Whether you want a casual look for a beach walk, with a comfortable Anerkjendt cardigan, or an elegant Anerkjendt shirt for at the office. The wide collection of Anerkjendt offers the right style for the right moment.

Attention to detail

Started from an old department store in southern Denmark, Anerkjendt was founded in 2011. This Danish streetwear brand gets its inspiration from worldwide street vibes, which reflects in their dynamic designs. All their clothes have a distinctive Scandinavian touch, focussed on developing quality fabrics and details.

The Anerkjendt collection

According to Per Johansen, the Danish founder of Anerkjendt, the brand aims to design relaxed and fashionable clothing for everyday wear. The brand’s street style is best seen in the unique choice Anerkjendt sweaters and T-shirts: The designs pull off being trendy without being too flashy thanks to the inherent Scandinavian minimalism. Similarly, their solid-colored overshirts/shirt jackets and raincoats feature an unmistakable touch of Danish design. In all these pieces, the Anerkjendt men’s fashion collection always manages to find a balance between being fashionable and being timelessly stylish. Your look will be on-trend, thanks to minimalistic colors and fashionable designs for the current trend. Whether you want a casual look for a walk on the beach with a comfortable Anerkjendt cardigan or an elegant Anerkjendt shirt for the office, the wide Anerkjendt collection offers the right style for any moment.

Attention to detail

Anerkjendt’s style is defiant, tough, and unique. Inspired by street subcultures in Denmark, their designs always show the latest trends. Innovation is the key for Anerkjendt men’s fashion, and this is clear from their unique use of fabrics and colors. Anerkjendt stands out by being different from most other streetwear brands due to the designers’ tenacity and their great attention to every small detail. All their designs start with the letter A and often fittingly feature the subtle “a”-letter Anerkjendt logo. Apart from their authenticity and uniqueness, Anerkjendt garments are easy to combine as well. The minimalist designs and solid colors mix seamlessly with your wardrobe and allow for many different combinations. Highly durable, their clothing is mainly made from cotton. As for the fit, much consideration has gone into finding the right cut. If Anerkjendt sounds like your kind of brand, don’t hesitate to check out the collection below. Suitable offers a fantastic selection of some of the best pieces from the Anerkjendt, and makes it easy for you to purchase your clothing from this Danish brand in the Suitable online store.

Anerkjendt Shirts

Akkonrad Shirt
The Akkonrad is a timeless button-up corduroy shirt, available in navy or ocre. It features a button-down collar and contrasting light-colored buttons. Like an overshirt, this ribbed shirt has a regular fit, making it comfortably roomy and easy to layer. If you’re not a corduroy fan, it is also available with a plaid pattern with a blue and grey check.
Akotto Overshirt
The wool Akotto is Anerkjendt’s ultimate overshirt. Highly comfortable, the thick overshirt features a regular fit and button closure. The sturdy fabric made from a wool and polyester blend is easy to layer and makes sure to keep you warm. The shirt is available in dark grey and finished with oversized contrasting colored buttons.
Aklenny Overshirt
The Anerkjendt Aklenny shirt is a sturdy olive green overshirt with a heritage army feel. Cut in a regular fit; the shirt is roomy enough to move around comfortably and add extra layers. The button-up front features stylish black-buttons that compliment the clean, simple design. The thick cotton shirt is finished with a breast pocket. Layer it over a shirt and sweater for a stylish fall look, or wear it instead of a lightweight jacket over a t-shirt on spring days and summer evenings.

Anerkjendt Sweaters

Akfebas Sweater
If you’re looking for an elegant sweater with a dash of color, then the Akfebas will not disappoint. This Anerkjendt sweater is a stylish knit in navy blue, with two bold green and yellow stripes running along the front, back, and sleeves. It features a round ribbed crew neck and rib-knit hem and cuffs. The lambswool material is soft, warm, and breathable, while the regular fit ensures enough freedom of movement and room for extra layers in winter. The sweater is finished with a subtle Anerkjendt “a” logo tag on the back hem. Wear it with a chino or a pair of light wash jeans.
Akroc Sweater
The Anerkjendt Akroc sweater is a nice basic navy sweater in a super soft fabric and a nonchalant feel. The breast pocket and subtle logo tag on the back hem. Choosing to omit rib knitting on the cuffs and hem adds to the minimalist design of the Akroc sweater and gives it the casual feel and look of a long-sleeve shirt.
Akcabe Sweater
With another crew neck with some added style, this black Anerkjendt sweater features grey stripes and cuffs, and hem. The soft sweater is beautifully knit from high-quality lambswool, which ensures warmth and comfort while still being breathable thanks to the material’s natural characteristics. Additionally, rib knitting on the hem and cuffs ensures that cold winds are kept out on winter days. The Akcabe sweater is finished with an Anerkjendt branded loop on the left side of the front hem.
Aknat Sweater
With a vertically ribbed design, the Aknat sweater from Anerkjendt has a unique look and feel. This stylish knit features a large alternating grey and black striped design, with a black crew neck, hem, and rib-knit cuffs. The sweater is finished with a subtle Anerkjendt “a” logo tag on the back hem. The wool/polyester fabric gives the Aknat sweater its soft feel and superior warmth. Its slightly tailored cut ensures an elegant fit while still allowing enough room to move around and add an optional extra layer.
Akallan Sweater
Instead of a vertically striped design, the Anerkjendt Akallan Sweater features a horizontal stripe and is reminiscent of the classic French Breton stripe sweater. The navy and white striped top was first donned by the French navy in the 19th century and has since become a trendy icon and a timeless spring/summer style. This striped Akallan sweater features a navy crew neck and navy cuffs, while the striped design runs to the hem. Thanks to its loose fit and lightweight cotton fabric, it can be worn as a long-sleeve shirt as well. Wear it with a pair of khaki chinos for that classic European summer look.
Akespen Sweater
The Akespen is the brightest sweater in the Anerkjendt collection, featuring a vibrantly colored retro pattern. Inspired by Aztec patterns from Central America, the Akespen combines ethnic, 80’s and modern fashion styles into one eye-catching multi-colored sweater that includes blue, orange, yellow, and turquoise. Made from a blend of wool, mohair, polyamide, and acrylic, the fabric has a warm and soft feel. Additionally, the navy rib knit cuffs and hem ensure a comfortable fit and keep out any drafts. The Akespen sweater features a navy rib-knit crew neck and is finished with a subtle Anerkjendt “a” logo tag on the back hem.

Anerkjendt Jackets

Akthomas Raincoat (yellow, green)
As a Scandinavian brand, Anerkjendt knows a thing or two about challenging weather conditions. So naturally, their collection has to include jackets that can withstand the harsh fall and winter seasons. The Akthomas Raincoat is ready for anything: it is water repellant, windproof, and can resist temperatures up to -30°C (-22°F). The zippered front, djustable hood, taped seams, and pockets are sure to keep out any cold and rain. Simultaneously, the high-tech outer is still breathable, while the lining features a temperature indicator and a large inner flap pocket. The jacket is finished with a stylish Anerkjendt logo patch on the left sleeve. It is available in two fashionable shades of green and yellow.

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