Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is worldwide one of the biggest names in women's and men's fashion. This American brand, founded by Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz, started in 1968 with a coat collection. Calvin Richard Klein graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in 1964. Today, the name has grown into a lifestyle brand with a wide range, from clothing to glasses, from bags to perfumes. But what the brand is perhaps most famous for is the collection of CK underwear. This was because of their revolutionary ad campaign. Calvin Klein used models barely wearing anything. Models like Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg posed in exotic positions. In 1968 Calvin Klein was sold to Philips- Van Heusen Corporation.

Iconic minimalism

Calvin Klein's designs have not only become huge because of the controversial, provoking campaigns but also because of the minimalistic, powerful appearance. Every part of the collection is executed in their recognizable style; clean and straight, with minimum lines and lots of black and white, occasionally combined with sporty red or dark blue. Less is more, and indeed, the power of minimalism is still trending up to this day. The iconic minimalism is something that gives you a stylish, sophisticated, and confident look.

Collection Calvin Klein Men at Suitable

At Suitable, you will find a wide range of different brands, each one of them represents a stylish and self-conscious man. A man that knows how to dress, a confident man that pays attention to detail. Comfortable casual clothes that have a luxurious look. You will find various iconic Calvin Klein menswear, such as:

Calvin Klein works on making sustainable clothing that is environmentally friendly and is conscious about the entire production process. They already use eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton. They have a science-based target to reduce gas emissions generated from their operations. One of the biggest fashion trends is the love for sustainable clothes.

Calvin Klein Boxershorts

The boxers Calvin Klein makes are always available in primary or basic colors. The boxers are made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, making them feel comfortable. You recognize the boxers from a waistband with the logo of Calvin Klein. Most of the boxers are 'low raise' with means they aren't high and will fit appropriately underneath your trouser or jeans without passing your waistband. The boxer shorts are made of soft quality cotton, which is perfect for a soft feel. Both T-shirts and boxer shorts are available in various multipacks at Suitable. CK offers perfect underwear because of its fit, high quality, and iconic simplicity of the designs. This way, you can shop cheaper Calvin Klein underwear for men.

Calvin Klein T-shirts

The casual T-shirts feature the minimalistic brand and a large logo on the chest for a trendy, contemporary look. Of course, you will also find the recognizable logo tape edge on the inside of each T-shirt along the neckline. These models are excellent to wear sporty and casual with jeans. At Suitable you will find a wide range of t-shirts, it is available in several basic colors like Blue, Black, White and seasonal colors like beige or green. The white and black basic T-shirts are very well suited as underwear, the plain white t-shirt come in a two-pack. The t-shirts have a modern fit, ensuring that the t-shirt is slightly fitted around your body but offers you enough freedom of movement. The men's shirt comprises 100% organic cotton, which provides a soft touch and high breathability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who sells Calvin Klein underwear.
At Suitable you will find a wide range of underwear of Calvin Klein. There are different colors and different models.
What Calvin Klein size am I.
This highly depends on your built and how you'd like to wear your clothes. In fashion, trends come and go. Now, we are moving away from slim-fit to a more regular, loose fit. This can also impact the size you wear. Always look at the size table to find your perfect fit.

Calvin Klein Men's sweatshirts

A sweatshirt is a sweater with a sportive look, often loosely fitted. You can wear a t-shirt underneath, to keep you warm. The name sweatshirt was originally used in the early 20th century, where people wore it during sport. And it absorbed the sweat, so this item was frequently used during sport. After that, the sweatshirts were used for everyday use and eventually became an accepted clothing item. The loosely fitted sweatshirts have an urban street style. That's why we would recommend combining the sweatshirts with jeans or casual clothing. You can also find hoodies of the brand Calvin Klein. It is the same item as a normal sweater but with a hood added for practical reasons, when it rains or when it is cold, but it also gives you a casual look. The sweaters are available in colors like Blue, Black, Grey, and green.

Calvin Klein Zip-up sweater

These sweaters are just like a normal sweater. But then, at the front side, you will have a short zipper on the collar. This is the perfect sweater which you can wear with a t-shirt underneath. You will find little details by looking closely, a fine line in a different color, accents on the zipper. The sweaters of Calvin Klein stand for high quality. They offer great comfort and a luxurious look. The Modern-fit provides both a neat and stylish look with enough room to move freely. The sweaters are made of 90% organic cotton and 10% silk, finished with a 'CK' logo on the chest. You will find them in basic colors like blue, black, and dark green.

Calvin Klein Polo Shirt

Calvin Klein polo shirts are short-sleeved and made of knitted cotton; usually, a pique knit. The casual polo is finished with a 'CK' embroidered on the chest. These trendy elements complete the polo. The polos have a slim fit and are made with 100% organic ultra-fine cotton. It offers you an extra soft cool touch and lightweight feel. The polo's of Calvin Klein are perfect to wear on a casual occasion. For example, when you go to the beach or spend a day on a boat. You could combine it easily with jeans and sneakers. The polo shirts are available in primary colors like white, blue, black, light grey, and dark green.

Calvin Klein Jackets

The Calvin Klein coats available at Suitable are sporty, casual, but very trendy. The minimalistic look is precisely what you need to complete your outfit, especially if you want to make your appearance look like you styled it effortlessly. The jackets are perfect for spring, summer, and fall when it is not that cold but just a bit frisky. The jackets have a fashionable look and using different materials and effects like a crinkled design. The Jackets are made of 100% nylon, making them very light-weighted, comfortable, and water-repellent. The jackets are modernly fitted, so they will adjust perfectly around your body, offering a well-groomed look and at the same time enough moving space. They are finished with some characteristic details that provide a sophisticated look. The jackets have two outside pockets and an inner pocket with a zipper. The jackets of Calvin Klein are indispensable for your wardrobe.

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