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Dstrezzed Polo Shirt Graphic Pique Dark Green
Nice neat shirt, only the sleeves are a bit tight, perhaps because of the cuffs
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  • Nice fabric
  • Neat model
  • Sleeve cuffs

Buy Dstrezzed Luxury; Dapper Chic online at Suitable

We present a special brand: Dstrezzed. Stylish clothing and a superb fit are the main focus of this brand. Dstrezzed is a young and hip brand, which originated in 2010. The collection is being developed in the bustling city of Amsterdam, where all sorts of styles and shapes influence this fresh and unique brand. Do you like a modern look, but do you also value comfort? Dstrezzed is the right brand for you.

No more stress about your outfit, thanks to Dstrezzed

This brand's mission is to create sustainable clothing that is both practical as stylish. This mission results in delicate casual garments, liked by many men. This was what the founder of the brand Aleksander Dentski had in mind when he started the brand in the fifties. He founded the brand to produce comfortable clothing, suitable to wear to work as well. His motto today: 'destrezz and look fresh' still apply.

Fresh, contemporary, and unique

If you value comfort and want to look good at work and in your spare time, Dstrezzed is a perfect match. For example, the designers respond to comfort with nice printed shirts made of slightly stretchy cotton. All garments are of high quality, so you can enjoy something that is not only stylish and comfortable but durable as well.

Dstrezzed waistcoats

Something trendy at the moment are the waistcoats, something you'll see more and more around you. Destrezzed waistcoats are made of the finest cotton mixes, often mixed with a tiny bit of elastane to fit like a flexible second skin. The cool thing about Dstrezzed is that their waistcoats match perfectly with the rest of their assortment, whether we talk about exactly matching trousers or accompanying shirts or blazers. At Dstrezzed you can always look "Dapper Chic."

Dstrezzed sweater and long-sleeve polos

Like almost every modern lifestyle brand Dstrezzed produces various sweaters to make their assortment complete. Whether you are looking for a turtleneck sweater, crew-neck sweater, or long-sleeve polos at Suitable, you find fashionable items matching the latest trends. Most pullovers are made from 100% cotton, which enhances the comfort and breathability of the garment. Besides the quality fabric, Dstrezzed also has nice patterns and or dyes. Some pieces of a garment are garment dyed, and others are fabric dyed. It is not necessarily that one is better. The outcome is, though. A garment-dyed product looks more casual and every piece of clothing is different from one another, although sometimes, the difference is hard to spot with the untrained eye.

Dstrezzed polo


Polos are one of the most worn clothing pieces, next to sweaters and jeans. Dstrezzed, therefore, can't lack behind. Every season they produce the nicest polos matching the latest trends. If you want a polo shirt that is different than the ordinary, then Dstrezzed is a good brand for you. Nice details like different knitting patterns and button-down collars are not strange to Dstrezzed. Looking to finish your outfit? Pick one of Dstrezzed's jeans or chinos.

Dstrezzed casual shirts

Who doesn't like a nice fitting casual shirt? Perfect in combination with some jeans or neat chinos and stylish, both tucked in or loose over your pants. Following the latest trends, some shirts might not be for the fainthearted. Inspiring prints, fabrics, and colors are what sets Dstrezzed apart from the competition. Whether you are looking for a checkered shirt, plain bright colors, printed shirts, or a flannel shirt, Dstrezzed produces many shirts fitting one of these descriptions.

Dstrezzed jackets and coats

Even the jackets and coats cater to the styles and whishes of the modern gent. Using the best natural fabrics and nicest patterns to stand out, a must-have for every man following the latest fashion trends. Combine your jacket with a nice turtleneck and stylish skinny jeans or tapered chinos to complement your outfit.

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