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Profuomo Pullover Merino V-Neck Indigo
I have been buying my clothes here to my full satisfaction for years, but I think the quality is not worth the money this time. Only worn 2 or 3 times and completely covered with "rags"
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Sweaters and pullovers from Profuomo:

In addition to the now almost famous shirts and ties, as a fashion-conscious man you can also go to Profuomo for the most beautiful sweaters and sweaters. The pullovers from Profuomo are available in all colors and sizes, with a round neck or a V-neck and from cotton to luxurious wool. For example, choose a merino wool lambswool sweater to wear over your favorite shirt. The men's sweaters from Profuomo are also very easy to combine in a nice casual outfit or a slightly neater look.
The turtleneck sweater is also completely back in fashion and included in our range, which consists of many colors. Timeless colors for the Profuomo sweaters include black, gray, blue and green.

Profuomo: An Italian feeling from Dutch soil

Profuomo was founded by Heinz Michealis. With a view to trade and the beautiful fabrics from the Italian city of Como, Heinz brought textiles to the Netherlands. Here he started making shirts and ties under the brand name Profuomo, a new concept of clothing was born. Today, Profuomo still stands for fashionable high-quality menswear, and the special items of Dutch origin can no longer be ignored in the Suitable stores.

Sweaters from Profuomo: made from wonderfully soft merino wool

Wool has many pleasant properties; it is wonderfully soft, moisture-regulating, warm and breathable.These beautiful sweaters from Profuomo are known for their comfort, thanks to the excellent quality Merino wool. This very fine type of wool is manufactured for Profuomo in Italy, in a very small place where people see this as a tradition.

The Merino sheep: a very special case

The wool of the merino sheep is excellent for people who normal do not like wool very much, because it itches or irritates. Merino is a great alternative if you don't wear wool, for example, because it itchy or feels uncomfortable. This wool also naturally contains a wax, lanolin, which makes the wool feel supple and repels grease.

Wear it endlessly and enjoy your sweater

These sweaters are not only of excellent quality, they are also very modern. The fit is slim-fit, which gives them a nice slim fit. The sweaters look very smooth and soft. You can wear them in many different ways, for example classic with a jacket over it and a shirt underneath. But you can also wear them a little more casual, for example with a white shirt on a nice chino. That way they are also very suitable for business events, presentations and trade fairs. Feel free to wear them in your spare time, with nice dark jeans.

Treat and wash your sweater

When you purchase a sweater from Profuomo, you notice that they feel very smooth and soft. This is because they are knitted in 12 gauge. This excellent quality also means that these men's sweaters easily keep their shape and that the pills will be limited. Profuomo recommends that you wash these sweaters by hand and not with the washing machine. You can hand wash a sweater in water that is not too hot, preferably lukewarm and with a very mild wool detergent. Then rinse the sweater with lukewarm water. Then let this sweater dry gently on a towel or other flat surface. This way you will enjoy the sweater the most and keep it in shape. Order Profuomo sweaters and shirts easily online at Suitable.

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