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A business shirt for men

A business shirt is an essential garment in every men’s wardrobe. It ensures a good look at work, but also at a wedding or at any other official occasion. Suitable offers a wide range of luxurious dress shirts for men. Every season we provide a new collection of shirts for men in various colors, prints and details. From a white shirt for underneath a suit to a shirt with trendy print, Suitable has it all. 

Various luxurious men’s shirts

Suitable offers elegant shirts for men in various colors, fits and prints. Are you looking for a trendy shirt with contrasting prints, a high collar or surprising details on the cuffs or on the collar? We supplement the collection frequently with new, trendy shirts.

Naturally, you can find classic business shirts at Suitable too. Timeless shirts, suitable for every occasion. Like an elegant shirt in white, grey or blue. Suitable provides a wide selection of stylish men’s shirts from various exclusive top brands such as Ledub, OLYMP, Profuomo, Seidensticker  and of course Suitable’s own brand.

The right shirt underneath a suit

What is the right shirt to wear underneath a suit? A white shirt is the most formal option. White can be combined with almost any color. Wearing a white shirt underneath a suit will make the other color stand out.
A blue suit with a light blue dress shirt creates a businesslike color combination. But you could create a bolder combination by wearing it with a light pink shirt or a white shirt with a subtle check pattern. A classic black suit can be combined with any color.

Limited edition shirts for men

A shirt is a very popular garment and an absolute must for the stylish man’s wardrobe. On top of that it is a versatile garment which can be worn both casual and for a business look. Suitable launches a new collection of shirts in stores several times a season, offering a wide range of colors, prints and details in a limited quantity. Order your men’s shirts easily online at!

In our Suitable stores and on our website, you can find a wide choice of shirts in all sorts and sizes. For instance, we have a large range of fashionable shirts with a slim fit, high collar and cuffs with surprising details as contrasting prints, colors and arm patches.
The collection of fashionable men’s shirts is often renewed, so stay up-to-date of our constantly changing collection for men!
Furthermore, there is a wide selection of business shirts. These shirts often have a wide-spread collar, wherefore well combined with a tie. If wearing this men’s shirt casual without a tie, we also offer versions with contrasting details making the shirt more contemporary. Naturally unicolored men’s shirts are available as well. These are tailor fit and made of a strong 2ply cotton and come both with single and with French cuff. 

Suitable provides a special assortment for tall men, consisting shirts with extra sleeve length. These so-called Sleeve 7 shirts have more sleeve length and longer front and back panels.
Purchasing a shirt with an excellent fit is easy and affordable at Suitable. Quality for a suitable price.

White shirt

White is a pure and bright color. Combining a white shirt with a different color will ensure that the other color is more highlighted. White is the perfect color to combine with anything. Both with a dress suit, as well as a pair of jeans or chinos.

Nowadays Italian shirts are quite popular, as they have been for some time now. Italy is well known for skilled fashion houses and their unique designs. Thinking of Italy you will, besides thinking of the landscape, climate and Italian food, think of Italian fashion as well. Italian people are known as people who care about fashion and looking sophisticated. Which is one of the reasons that Italian shirts are exclusive, stylish, trendy and high quality.
At Suitable we collaborate with prestigious shirt manufacturers such as Albini and Leggiuno, to provide the best quality.

Modern high collar shirts

Like anything in fashion, even the collar is subject to trends. The Kent collar and the wide-spread collar used to be the standard, but nowadays we see a great variety in types of collars. One of the most popular collars is the Cutaway collar, which can be recognized by the way the collar is attached to the seam of the shoulder. A real statement shirt! It fits the business casual trend to leave out the tie from the suit, but it does combine well with a tie. A modern collar is quite elegant, will not project easily above the lapels of a jacket and it gives the shirt a trendy look.

Skinny Fit shirts

Are you someone with a slim figure and a preference for shirts? A Skinny Fit shirt could be a perfect match for you. These shirts usually consist of a combination of cotton and 3% elastane, making them very comfortable to wear. These shirts are even more tight than slim-fit and body fit, suitable for men who prefer trendy, waisted shirts.

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