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New Zealand Auckland Caps

A Cap (cap) is a headgear with a flap at the front. There are several reasons to wear a cap, the most common reason will be in the summer months and during exercise, for example to protect your eyes and face from the bright sun, or to give you a better view. NZA has a colorful range within the Caps. From fresh light shades to a number of good basic colors. This addition to your outfit could simply be for practical reasons, but you also want to look good! We also recommend that you alternate in the colors. This is to preserve your NZA cap, a lot of variety ensures that it wears less quickly.

NZA the brand

The NZA caps have a nice sleek logo on the front of the cap. NZA stands for authenticity in its design and in the quality they deliver. The cap is finished with important details such as holes on the top for ventilation, and at the back the caps have a strap with buckle, so you can easily adjust the size.
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