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Are you looking for high-quality men’s shoes with an original Dutch design? Then you’ve come to the right place at Rehab. Rehab is a unique footwear brand from the Netherlands that designs original and exciting shoes with a surprising twist. The brand makes bold designs for bold individuals, who dress to impress and dare express their style. With an eye for fashion and quality, Rehab creates both sneakers and classic men’s dress shoes. All shoes are hand-made in Europe, meeting the brand’s high standards and ensuring a sustainable production process. Only the finest leathers and best materials are used to create an original and comfortable that you will never want to take off.

Rehab features an extensive collection of men’s shoes, so there is a suitable shoe available for every occasion. With about 30 pairs of shoes designed and manufactured for each season, you are sure to have an original and unique pair of shoes that follows the latest trends. Additionally, the Rehab collection features a varied selection of belts, made to be combined with their shoes’ unique designs.

Rehab Dress Shoes

In the Suitable collection of Rehab shoes, you will mainly find their classic men’s dress shoes. Although each model is based on a conventional design, Rehab shoes always feature a unique twist. Rehab footwear looks for new combinations in their shoes, often combining several surprising materials or different colors into one eclectic design. Another distinguishing feature is the prints that you can often see in the Rehab collection. With Rehab, you can dress up in a contemporary shoe made of, for example, crocodile leather or laser printed leather. As you would expect from a quality shoe, comfort is of equal importance. During the shoe manufacturing process, Rehab is interested in the appearance, but the wearing comfort is also closely monitored. Their dress shoes are made of durable leather that enables you to walk and stand comfortably all day long.

Suitable Rehab Sale

Are you looking for Rehab shoes for an affordable price? Then don’t miss the Rehab sale at Suitableshop twice a year. During the summer and winter sale, you will receive a discount of up to 50% on your new pair of Rehab shoes when you shop at Suitable. Be sure to sign up for our official newsletter or follow Suitable on social media, so you’ll be the first to know when the sale starts.

Rehab and Sustainability

Since 2008, Rehab Footwear has been designing and manufacturing shoes with a unique design. The shoes’ unique designs and the durable materials used have been the basis for every collection from the very beginning. Rehab shoes are, therefore, perfect for the fashionable man who dares to choose his style. When creating a new collection, more than 50 different materials are used to create over 30 different designs each season. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, Rehab footwear is designed in the Netherlands and manufactured in the south of Europe, in Portugal. Their materials are imported from Italy, Spain, and Portugal, so the entire production process occurs within Europe. This guarantees that their collection is created with high-quality, durability, and conscience in mind. All suppliers and manufacturers of Rehab footwear meet the strict European rules, and the material used is also guaranteed to be processed sustainably. Ensuring that the leather is treated without using any harmful chemicals. The large majority of their collection features naturally tanned leather by using vegetable tanning. Additionally, Rehab uses recycled materials to produce their shoe boxes and packaging materials and is a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative, dedicated to improving working conditions worldwide.

Rehab shoes are made for men who recognize quality and creativity in shoes. All their designs feature soft leather, striking prints, rich colors, and fun details. If you’re looking for a classic men’s shoe with a bold design, made from the best materials with dedication, effort, and great attention to detail, be sure to browse through the available models of Rehab shoes below.

Rehab Buffalo Wall belt

Apart from dress-shoes, Suitable offers a selection of belts from the Rehab collection as well. The Rehab Buffalo Wall belt is available in grey and black and matches any Rehab collection’s grey or black dress-shoes, such as the Falco, the Spyke II, or the Greg Wall. The Rehab Buffalo Wall is a genuine leather belt with a subtle print, handcrafted and finished with a shiny metal buckle. The belt has a size of 115cm / 45,27 inch but is easily customizable to your desired length. If you love your Rehab shoes, don’t hesitate to complete your outfit with this matching Rehab Buffalo Wall belt.

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